Dominic Nguyen is the New vZOA DATM

Members of vZOA,

I would like you to congratulate Mr. Dominic Nguyen as the New DATM. As you know Dominic has been a member of the ARTCC for a long time.  He leaves the Facilities Engineer position to fill a larger role in the ARTCC. Please help me in welcoming him into his new office. Welcome to the bigger office chair Dominic and we all look forward to making the ARTCC the best with your help as the DATM.

With Dominic accepting the DATM position that means the Facilities Engineer position is now open. I will be accepting applications. Click here for more information.

Reno Ski Trip 11JAN15

Happy New Year! Fly on over to Reno-Tahoe international (KRNO) to enjoy an afternoon of snow sports at nearby Tahoe. Sign up for a position here. Pilots, we hope to see you fill up the airport from 23:00 to 02:00z.

Top 5 Controllers for Dec 2014

top5blue I would like to recognize the ZOA TOP 5 Controllers for December 2014.

1. Justin Gray              61.03 Hours

2. Nicolas Stevens     50.76 Hours

3. Dominic Nguyen   38.88 Hours

4. Nick Navarro         30.81 Hours

5. Maxx Marian         30.46 Hours

Great Job Gentlemen. Keep up the great work. I would love to see some different names in the Top 5 for January with higher numbers. As January is the start of a New Year and a great New Years Resolution is to control more on VATSIM!!!

General ARTCC Meeting Jan 4 2015

All ZOA members,

I have scheduled a General ARTCC meeting on January 4, 2015 at 18:00 PST (2100 EST, 0000Z). This meeting will be to introduce myself to you. I will discuss my goals for the ARTCC and let you also provide feedback on those goals. We will also discuss up coming events and other possible upcoming information that the members of the ARTCC will need to be informed about. This meeting is not mandatory, but is HIGHLY recommended that you attend to meet me and get the information that is being passed down.

Agenda for this meeting has been posted in the forums. Click here for link.

UPDATE: I have posted the Meeting Minutes in the forums. Click here for link. If you missed this meeting and would like to listen to a recording of the meeting a link has been provided here. Click here for link of recording.

Thank you,

Warren Huckaby, vZOA ATM

Cross the Desert 2014 Dec. 26th 1600PST

Join the ZOA and ZLC ARTCCs as they provide ATC services at the KSFO and KSLC airports as you fill the sky’s with the Post-Christmas Rush! We will be staffing up KSFO and satellites if we have extra. As always, this event will help fulfill the monthly requirement. I realize that this is the day after Christmas, but please sign up if you think you will be able to make it.

Sign up for your position here. See you there!

Updated LOA: ZLA

Gents, the LOA with ZLA has been updated to reflect a few minor changes.

The changes made in the LOA are to Fresno operations as well as some preferred routings for flights going to Burbank and Van Nuys from the bay, as well as FAT/BFL routing. You can now expect Fresno aircraft to be handed off at their cruise altitude or 11000, whichever is lowest. Please review this LOA before controlling to make sure you’re up to speed on the new requirements.

We are expecting an LOA update from Seattle soon, so keep an eye out for that.