Top 5 Controllers for Feb 2015

top5blueI would like to recognize the vZOA TOP 5 Controllers for February 2015!

  1. Justin Gray                        63:56 Hours
  2. Chris Leipelt                     35:26 Hours
  3. Nick Warren                     30:19 Hours
  4. Dominic Nguyen             28:33 Hours
  5. Nick Navarro                    18:54 Hours

Great Job Gentlemen. We have 1 new member on the Top 5 list, welcome to the club Chris Leipelt. Justin Gray and Nick Warren returning from the December 2015 Top 5. And a HUGE GREAT JOB!! to the 2 members that have been on the list 3 months running: Dominic Nguyen and Nick Navarro. Keep up the great work everyone one. See ya on the Scopes.

Knicks at Warriors – 14MAR15

Root for the Golden State Warriors as they play the New York Knicks at Oakland, CA’s Oracle Arena. KOAK (Oakland Metropolitan) and KHWD (Hayward Executive) will be fully staffed up for your arrival. Free shuttle bus service will run the short hop from KOAK to the Arena. The game starts at 03:00z, so don’t be late! Controllers: sign up here.

Updated LOA: ZSE

We’ve updated the LOA with ZSE and there are a few things to know.

First, we’ve changed the altitude restriction for aircraft going to Reno from PDX or SEA. They’ll now cross into our airspace at or below FL330. There are some preferred route changes as well that allows us to use the new RNAV arrivals into PDX and SEA. Please take some time to review the other changes.

TRACON Thursdays #2 – 19FEB15

This Thursday, February 19th from 5PM-8PM Pacific (01:00-04:00z)
Our second Tracon Thursday of this 2015 season is this Thursday. Join us as we strive to unleash all our TRACONs yet again – this time with more aircraft. Just drop in anytime from 5-8 PM Pacific to experience the immersion. Controllers, more information here.

New VATSIM Policy

Attention All Members,

A new VATSIM Policy has been placed in effect as of February 1, 2015. This new policy is for Controller Information and ATIS information. To view this policy I have posted it in the forums. Please lets make sure we are following this policy as the Supervisors will be looking for this. And correcting people if they are not following this policy. Thank you for your help.

Top 5 Controllers for Jan 2015

top5blueI would like to recognize the vZOA TOP 5 Controllers for January 2015.

  1. Srinath Nandakumar     63:49 Hours
  2. Jesse Romero                  42:23 Hours
  3. Nick Navarro                   41:19 Hours
  4. Dominic Nguyen            35:54 Hours
  5. Nick Warren                    31:24 Hours

Great Job Gentlemen. We have 2 new names on the TOP 5 list this month. This is a great start to  the New Year. I would also like to say “Thank you” with these hours came a #3 spot for ZOA Center in  Week 4 of Iron Mic. Keep up the great work everyone. See you on the Scopes!!!

New FE and AFE

We have hired a returning FE. Cody Cochran has agreed to come back as the replacement FE taking over for Dominic, who was promoted to DATM. Cody has previous experience with the airspace and the development of the sector files. Also in this time, Cody has hired Chris Mauro to assist him in the FE department. With two very experienced former FEs filling these positions, expect to have some great updates to the sector files and training scenarios. Please help me say “Thank you” to these two members for helping fill an important position.

That is all, carry on.

TRACON Thursdays is BACK!

TRACON Thursdays 2015
Featuring ZOA TRACONS every other Thursday from February 5th to April 30th.
Join ZOA as we strive to light up every single TRACON in our airspace – and we have a LOT! Come fly anytime between 5PM to 8PM Pacific Time and experience the best Thursday night you’ll ever have. Controllers: more information can be found here.