New Sector File Update!

vZOA 17.4 is now available for download! All controllers are expected to upgrade their sector files! The new update contains the updated MOD5 and more video maps available to use.

Reno Initial Altitudes

FMG7RNO has changed their initial altitudes in RW, and we will be adjusting our SOPs accordingly. Refer to the forums for more details.

Initial climbs for FMG and HNGRY departures shall be issued 10000.

All other departures shall be issued FL190.

vSTARS File Added

vstarsCheckout our brand new vSTARS NorCal Approach file in our downloads area (ATC Training->Downloads)!!!

Just a reminder that instructors/mentors will continue to only teach on VRC at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Light Up The West Spectacular!

All three West Coast ARTCCS (ZOA ,ZLA and ZSE) will be Lighting up the scopes for this Friday Night Operation (FNO). Come fly the with us as we provide continuous ATC services from the Northwest to the Southwest Coast lines. KSFO will be fully staffed! – See you on Jan 17th! lightupwestevent

New Sector File v17.2

A new Sector File has been published, the current version is v17.2. POF file remains the same. This version primarily includes AIRAC 1311 updates. Most noteworthy are the significant changes at KOAK. Any Issues/Comments etc can be made in the forum.

KOAK Runway Number Change

Attention Pilots and Controllers:

KOAK – Oakland Metro Intl has changed its runway numbers effective 10/17/2013 (AIRAC 1311).

  • Runway 11/29 changed to Runway 12/30
  • Runway 9L/27R Changed to Runway 10L/28R
  • Runway 9R/27L Changed to Runway 10R/28L

More info can be found in our NOTAM section of our forum.

New Staff Members!

Please welcome Ryan Parry to our Assistant Events Coordinator position. Ryan brings a high level of VA experience as well as a great amount of experience controller our vZOA Skies – Congrats Ryan!

Please also welcome Cody Cochran to our Facility Engineer position. Cody has been a great asset to our ARTCC helping in various aspects from cleaning up our written exams to being involved in helping staff last minute events on a moments notice. Chris Mauro will be assisting Cody in the position over the next month to help get him situated. Congrats Cody!


vZOA is proud to announce Chris Mauro as the new DATM. Please join us in congratulating Chris in the foum! Congrats Chris!