New ATCT Standard Operating Procedures!

The ZOA Facility Advisory Board is proud to announce the new ATCT SOP’s that are now in effect! We have compiled individual SOP’s for our class B and C airports in the same format as the other new SOP’s giving yo a much more organized SOP. We highly recommend all controllers review each SOP as there is new information and procedures (especially at SFO). A big thanks is in order to Mike Fries for giving us some inside information on Oakland!

San Francisco ATCT SOP-100

Oakland ATCT SOP-101

San Jose ATCT SOP-102

Sacramento International ATCT SOP-103

Monterey ATCT SOP-104

ZOA: POF Version 6.2 Available


New POF. Click the photo to download!

ZOA_POF 6.2 Is now available for download. This is not a MAJOR update but it is recommended that you download the newest version. You can download it here.

Changes in this POF Include:

Fixed NCT Expo Sector from DEP to APP.

FNO: Capitol Craze

September 5th, 2014 (Friday) – 23:45-05:00z (16:45-22:00 Pacific)
Join ZOA as we present the FNO at Sacramento, California. Sacramento International, KSMF, and the satellite airports KSAC and KMHR will be staffed up. Help us make the event a true “craze” as you take the evening to experience the rich culture and history of California’s state capital.

New NORCAL and ZOA SOP’s go live

It is with great pleasure that I announce we have activated two new SOP’s today at Oakland ARTCC. Both the NORCAL and ZOA SOP’s have been consolidated, corrected, and changed up a little bit. On top of this we are also releasing an updated sector file and POF file to all controllers.

This SOP includes all of our NCT positions except for Nugget/Silver (See Reno Complex SOP). The main highlight of this SOP is that it allows one to switch between each sector without needing to open another tab or window. You may see some new information in here as well, the most obvious being a “Richmond” sector. We have renamed “Quake” to “Richmond” to more accurately mirror our real world counterpart. As for procedure changes, they main highlights are as follows..

  • Elkhorn FLUNK arrivals will be vectored over the departure corridor and then to final while in north ops
  • OAK oceanic arrivals will be vectored over the SFO 28 finals in SFOW as per the RW, sequenced with HADLY arrivals in SFOE.
  • SJC oceanic arrivals will be vectored under the BSR stream in SFOW as per the RW, sequenced with BRINY arrivals in SFOE
  • Updated SFO oceanic arrivals and added information on the Pacific One Tailored Arrival
  • Added PYE# procedures for SJC (it was missing from our old SOP’s)

Just like the NORCAL SOP, the ZOA SOP will allow you to switch between each sectors SOP without needing to open a new tab or window. This also includes updated information to match up with the new NORCAL procedures.

Sector File:

The new sector file changes are as follows..

All new color scheme that matches a bit better than the old one. A few controllers have expressed interest in the new colors. People do have their preferences on colors, if so, they can change them to their liking.

Updated all SIDS that were changed in AIRAC 1408.

– Added two new “F” Labels to extend the entirety of taxiway F.
– Re positioned the coastline at the end of the 28’s so it is not overlapping like in the current file.
– Re positioned the coastline at the cargo ramp so its not halfway in the buildings.
– Added taxiway “M” On both sides of the 1’s because it wasn’t there.
– Re positioned the airport label to be visible and not on top of runway 28L

– Renamed taxiway “W” at the start of 12 to “W7”
– Renamed taxiway “W” at the third exit of 30 to “W5”
– Renamed taxiway “W” at the second exit of 30 to “W4”
– Re positions all taxiway labels to be in the taxiway and not away from it.

– Re positioned all taxiways to be on the taxiway, was significant with taxiway “Y” and “Z” looking like it was the same. This is fixed now.
– Added a label for taxiway “D” in between 30L and 30R
– Added taxiway “A” labels at the end of 30L/R below taxiway “B”
– Added taxiway “A1” labels at the end of 30L/R

-Re positioned all taxiways to be on the taxiway.

– Removed a taxiway between B4 that is no longer there.
– Re positioned all taxiway labels to actually be on the taxiway and not 3 inches away in the grass.

– Re positioned all taxiway labels to be on the taxiway
– Renamed taxiway “Y” to “Y2” at the terminal entrance/exit
– Added taxiway “W” above “Y2” as it was not there.

– Re positioned all taxiway labels to be on the taxiway.

– Re positioned all taxiway labels to be on the taxiway.
– Re positioned the airport label to be visible instead of on top of a taxiway

– Re positioned all taxiways to be on the taxiways.

POF File:
The new POF file adds Richmond sector and removes Quake.

A big thank you to Dominic Nguyen, Cody Cochran, and Mark Dalforno for all the hard work that was put into this project.

Yosemite 150th Birthday bash


AUGUST 2nd, 2014 (SATURDAY) – 2200z-0200z (1500-1900 Pacific)
Join ZOA as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of signing the Yosemite Grant Act. This act signed by Abraham Lincoln established the first protected wild land in the history of the US, and the 1st California State Park. We will be fully staffing up Fresno-Yosemite International Airport.  Come fly into KFAT, or one of the many airports in the general vicinity!

Reno Complex SOP taking off!

Gentlemen, after a lot of work we are happy to announce that the Reno Complex SOP is live and replaces the old SOP for Reno SOP in the Primary Airports SOP and the NORCAL Nugget & Silver SOP. The new complex format we are rolling out focuses on the airports in a certain area and includes the SOP for clearance delivery all the way up to TRACON. We think the new format will be easier to read and navigate, as well as provide you with a better way to find the information you’re looking for.

To find the SOP look on the SOP page under the “Complex SOP’s” section. You will not be able to find any Reno information under Primary Airports SOP nor will you find the NORCAL Nugget & Silver SOP, you must use the new complex SOP.

With the completion of the Reno Complex we are moving to Fresno to create the Fresno Complex. We’re test driving these new formats and we would love to hear your feedback so that we may tweak and perfect them before we move on to Sacramento. Feel free to email any of the Senior Staff with your ideas!

Another New Staff Instructor!

Will everybody please join me in Welcoming Nicholas Cavacini as the newest ZOA Staff Instructor. Nicholas previously served as an Instructor at Miami and Honolulu and was also a Training Administrator at one point. Nicholas is coming to us from ZNY and brings a lot of ideas and knowledge to the table. He has the experience and expertise we need to lead future ZOA controllers to success. We couldn’t be happier to have him and can’t wait to see him benefit this ARTCC. Congratulations Nicholas!

July Featured Airport – KFAT

KFAT opened in June 1942 as Hammer Field and was used by the Air Force. It was soon named Fresno Air Terminal. Today, the California Air National Guard operates F-16C’s out of the airport. First commercial service started in 1947 with TWA and UAL flights to SFO/OAK and LAX. TWA stopped in 1963. In 1988, international flights were allowed to operate out of KFAT. Mexicana used to operate flights to Guadalajara, and today Volaris and Aeromexico operate flights to MMGL. Air 21 and Allegiant have historically had headquarters at KFAT. Today, the largest passenger plane operated is a 757 by Allegiant to Honolulu. Fresno is the largest US city in which Southwest does not operate flights to. The most prominent airlines are Skywest and Mesa airlines. Come fly or control KFAT for the month of July! See you on the scopes!