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New VATSIM Policy

Attention All Members,

A new VATSIM Policy has been placed in effect as of February 1, 2015. This new policy is for Controller Information and ATIS information. To view this policy I have posted it in the forums. Please lets make sure we are following this policy as the Supervisors will be looking for this. And correcting people if they are not following this policy. Thank you for your help.

Booming Bay – 11/16/14 – 2300Z-0200Z

Join ZOA as we light up our bay airports for an unforgettable evening. We will be staffing up San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose for pilots. Signing up for both shifts also fulfills the monthly hour requirement to stay active.

Sign up for your position here. See you there!


FNO: Capitol Craze

September 5th, 2014 (Friday) – 23:45-05:00z (16:45-22:00 Pacific)
Join ZOA as we present the FNO at Sacramento, California. Sacramento International, KSMF, and the satellite airports KSAC and KMHR will be staffed up. Help us make the event a true “craze” as you take the evening to experience the rich culture and history of California’s state capital.

Yosemite 150th Birthday bash


AUGUST 2nd, 2014 (SATURDAY) – 2200z-0200z (1500-1900 Pacific)
Join ZOA as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of signing the Yosemite Grant Act. This act signed by Abraham Lincoln established the first protected wild land in the history of the US, and the 1st California State Park. We will be fully staffing up Fresno-Yosemite International Airport.  Come fly into KFAT, or one of the many airports in the general vicinity!

July Featured Airport – KFAT

KFAT opened in June 1942 as Hammer Field and was used by the Air Force. It was soon named Fresno Air Terminal. Today, the California Air National Guard operates F-16C’s out of the airport. First commercial service started in 1947 with TWA and UAL flights to SFO/OAK and LAX. TWA stopped in 1963. In 1988, international flights were allowed to operate out of KFAT. Mexicana used to operate flights to Guadalajara, and today Volaris and Aeromexico operate flights to MMGL. Air 21 and Allegiant have historically had headquarters at KFAT. Today, the largest passenger plane operated is a 757 by Allegiant to Honolulu. Fresno is the largest US city in which Southwest does not operate flights to. The most prominent airlines are Skywest and Mesa airlines. Come fly or control KFAT for the month of July! See you on the scopes!

ZOA 5k Run Event

ZOA 5K Banner

JULY 5th, 2014 (SATURDAY) – 2200z-0200z (1500-1900 Pacific)
Grab that small jet or piston plane and experience the great Northern California Skies – Featuring some of our smaller airports with 5,000ft runway or less.
KHWD – Hayward
KLVK – Livermore
KSAC – Sacramento Exec
KSQL – San Carlos
KSTS – Santa Rosa

Light up America – 17 May 2014


On May 17, 2014, every ARTCC in VATUSA will be featuring two airports to light up America. Join ZOA as we feature San Francisco International (KSFO) and Fresno Yosemite International (KFAT). Sign up for a position in the event forum. Pilots, we hope to see you fly into our airspace that day.

CalScream XIV! 31 May 2014

Since its inception in 2001, CalScream is considered to be one of VATSIM’s oldest and largest events. This year, ZLA and ZOA are proud to present California Screamin’ XIV, the latest addition to the series. Sign up in the events forums. Signups for pilots will be available at a later date.