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Top 5 Controllers for January 2019


Here are the top 5 controllers for January 2019:

  1. Dominic Nguyen – 33:31
  2. Elliot Skinner – 23:11
  3. Max Hergel – 22:26
  4. Nick Warren – 19:07
  5. Jeremy Rubin – 18:31

Between these 5 controllers, they totaled over 116 hours online this month! Great job guys! Keep the momentum and try and beat these guys next month!

Top 5 Controllers for June 2016

Great job to all of you that controlled the month of June! We have really increased the amount of time we are online. There has been a very increase of aircraft movement in Oakland ARTCC due to us being so active. More than 110+ Hours! Great job! Here are the top 5 controllers for June 2016:

  1. Matt Chicoine – 42.01
  2. Elliot Skinner – 24.81
  3. Justin Martin – 20.01
  4. Brandon Dadoun – 14.85
  5. Michael Roach – 14.76

ZOA has a new DATM


First, I’d like to give a big thank you to Michael Mund-Hoym for his time as DATM. His contributions were enormous and instrumental to getting ZOA on the right track. He’s been given a promotion in his Vatsim Membership position and must resign. Michael, we wish you the best, good luck, congratulations, and thank you for everything you’ve done here at ZOA! Michael will still be around as an Instructor, so be sure to congratulate him when you have a chance.

Now, join me in welcoming Jesse Romero as the new DATM here at ZOA. Jesse’s been with us for a while, and after a brief break with ZLA he has returned to help ZOA continue to get on the right track going forward. Jesse’s an experienced Instructor and controller having previously been with us on the training staff. I’m excited to see what the future holds, welcome back Jesse! Congrats!

Top 5 Controllers for March 2016


Another month has gone by with some magnificent controlling hours. Over 450 hours total staffing time in March 2016! Well done everyone! Here our top five controllers for March 2016:

  1. Michael Roach – 80:58 hrs
  2. Dominic Nguyen – 60:23 hrs
  3. Jeff Hanner – 52:29 hrs
  4. Brandan Dadoun – 36:01 hrs
  5. Malachie Oie – 22:34 hrs

Top 5 Controllers for February 2016


What is there to say to an overall increase of staffing hours of 67% comparing February 2016 to February 2015? There were a whole 24 hours more time to control this February due to the leap year, okay, you beat me to it. 🙂 I thought the 43% increase we managed in January was like winning the jackpot, but you all have proven that I was far off. Well done, folks! You all have every right to be proud members of the Oakland ARTCC on VATSIM. Please join me in a round of applause for the February 2016 top five:

  1. Dominic Nguyen – 85:34 hrs
  2. Jeff Hanner – 64:42 hrs
  3. Michael Roach – 55:35 hrs
  4. Nick Navarro – 55:16 hrs
  5. Matthew Streem – 32:40 hrs

Top 5 Controllers for January 2016


2016 started out very well for us with a total of 478 controller hours in January. This is an increase of 43% compared to the total hours logged in January 2015! Great job everyone! A special thank you goes to Dominic Nguyen for having staffed a total of more than 100 hours in January 2016. Here the list of the top 5:

  1. Dominic Nguyen – 102:12 hrs
  2. Jeff Hanner – 59:03 hrs
  3. Nick Navarro – 52:20 hrs
  4. Matt Chicoine – 43:03 hrs
  5. Chase Zimmerman – 26:38 hrs

Top 5 Controllers for December 2015


Finishing the last month of 2015 with just over a total of 440 controller hours, it is certainly time to once again thank all of you for your tremendous work representing the Oakland ARTCC on VATSIM on the scopes. If my calculations are right, we finished the year with a total of 5,420 controller hours!! Wow! Expect results of the Golden Mic to be released shortly. Here a special thank you to our top 5 controllers of December 2015:

  1. Dominic Nguyen – 72:33 hrs
  2. Jeff Hanner – 59:46 hrs
  3. Matt Chicoine – 43:58 hrs
  4. Arvid Hansson – 37:06 hrs
  5. Chase Zimmerman – 31:00 hrs

Top 5 Controllers for November 2015


November 2015, much like the months before, has been great in staffing hours, thanks to the contributions of you all! We staffed a total of 570 controller hours, or almost 1 controller online at any given time, on average throughout the entire month. Here our top five controllers for November 2015:

  1. Nick Navarro – 70:41 hrs
  2. Jeff Hanner – 61:15 hrs
  3. Dominic Nguyen – 59:11 hrs
  4. Matthew Campbell – 44:03 hrs
  5. Devon Howard – 39:49 hrs

Top 5 Controllers for October 2015


October this year has been very successful for us, and brought us an Iron Mic for Center in week 42. Thanks for everyone’s contributions! Here the list of our top 5 controllers for October 2015:

  1. Nick Navarro – 112:41 hrs
  2. Dominic Nguyen – 100:37 hrs
  3. Samuel Lee – 64:21 hrs
  4. Jeff Hanner – 44:35 hrs
  5. Garrett Powell – 37:28 hrs