Another New Staff Instructor!

Will everybody please join me in Welcoming Nicholas Cavacini as the newest ZOA Staff Instructor. Nicholas previously served as an Instructor at Miami and Honolulu and was also a Training Administrator at one point. Nicholas is coming to us from ZNY and brings a lot of ideas and knowledge to the table. He has the experience and expertise we need to lead future ZOA controllers to success. We couldn’t be happier to have him and can’t wait to see him benefit this ARTCC. Congratulations Nicholas!

White list our emails!

A fair number of individuals are not getting emails from ZOA because of the email address it is sent from. Please add the email address to your white list/ approved list/ not spam list to get our future emails. If you don’t you may miss important staff announcement emails, training notes and more. I promise we aren’t spam! We taste much better.

New Staff Instructor

Join me in welcoming, and congratulating, Dominic Nguyen as the newest Staff Instructor at Oakland. Dominic has been a dedicated controller and mentor for a while now and his time to step up has finally came. He’ll be a great asset to the training department and I am very excited for him. I have high hopes for this outstanding instructor and I look forward to seeing the next generation trained up under his tutelage.

New Cheat Sheets

The training staff has released new cheat sheets for SFO, OAK, SJC, SMF and RNO that include basic information for all positions (GND, TWR, APP and even CTR). They’re created in a neat PDF format and are ready for you to download them now in the downloads section of the website! We hope you find these useful and keep them handy while controlling!

“Climb via SID” in effect at vZOA

With the launch of our new site we also roll out our use of the new “climb via SID” phraseology the FAA implemented about a month ago. There has been discussion among the FAB regarding the use of the phraseology and we think we’ve got it set the way we like it without making it too difficult.                                   

Please review the following forum post, the primary airports SOP, and the training wiki for details. If you have questions please contact the TA at training [at]

Climb via SID Information Post