AIRAC 1510 Sector File and New Alias File (v3.1) Released

The downloads page has been updated with sector file 1510 and Alias File v3.1. The new sector file includes a nav data update, as well as the addition of IAP courses for airports. The new alias file contains new aliases such as Pre-Departure Clearances, scratchpad shortcuts for NORCAL Tracon and Oakland Center, and updated phraseology, among other items. Please check the forums for a tutorial on the usage of these new commands.

Updated POF File Released (v6.4)

An update to the facility pof file has been released. V6.4 adds compatibility with the updated Oakland Center sector ID numbers. Please download this file on the downloads page. If you have any questions please email the staff!

ZOA’s Newest Mentor!

Join me in congratulating Nick Navarro as the newest Mentor at Oakland ARTCC. Nick has been working hard and showing a lot of promise, we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the training staff! Nick will be able to train students up to San Francisco Tower, so keep an eye out as he’ll be posting training availability soon! Congrats Nick!

AIRAC 1505 Brings SOP and Sector File Changes

AIRAC 1505 has been rolled out and brought us several new arrivals, SOP changes, and a new sector file. The NORCAL Metroplex program is now complete with the addition of the DYAMD#, EMZOH#, OAKES#, RAZRR# and SUUTR# arrivals. All of these arrivals have been added to the ZOA Sector file which was also released yesterday. The new sector file includes an updated SFO Ground Map, updated airac, SID and STAR maps, and more.

Please read these following forum post for more information on SOP changes and AIRAC 1505.

AIRAC 1505 Post
SOP Changes Post

Updated LOA: ZSE

We’ve updated the LOA with ZSE and there are a few things to know.

First, we’ve changed the altitude restriction for aircraft going to Reno from PDX or SEA. They’ll now cross into our airspace at or below FL330. There are some preferred route changes as well that allows us to use the new RNAV arrivals into PDX and SEA. Please take some time to review the other changes.

Updated LOA: ZLA

Gents, the LOA with ZLA has been updated to reflect a few minor changes.

The changes made in the LOA are to Fresno operations as well as some preferred routings for flights going to Burbank and Van Nuys from the bay, as well as FAT/BFL routing. You can now expect Fresno aircraft to be handed off at their cruise altitude or 11000, whichever is lowest. Please review this LOA before controlling to make sure you’re up to speed on the new requirements.

We are expecting an LOA update from Seattle soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Updated LOA: ZLC

Gents, the LOA with ZLC has been updated.

The change removes an altitude restriction at Reno, updates preferred routings for KSFO, KOAK, KSJC, KSMF, and KRNO for both RNAV and non RNAV aircraft, and more. Please go review this LOA before controlling.

We have changes with ZLA and ZSE pending, so keep an eye out for those in the future.

SOP updated for RNAV’s and more!


The following SOP’s have been updated in response for the RNAV procedures going live within ZOA on the 13th. Some other procedures have been updated as well.

Added procedure for KSMF SLMMR# RNAV arrival
Changed PIRAT crossing restriction to 15000 for SFO/OAK/SJC

Added procedure for KSMF SLMMR# RNAV arrival
Added procedure for KSFO CITTY# RNAV departure
Added procedure for KSFO FOGGG# RNAV departure
Added procedure for KSFO NITTE# RNAV departure
Added procedure for KSFO SNTNA# RNAV departure
Added procedure for KSFO TRUKN# RNAV departure
Added procedure for KOAK HUSSH# RNAV departure
Changed KSFO oceanic arrival procedure
Changed KOAK oceanic arrival procedure
Changed KSJC oceanic arrival procedure

Added RNAV SID information
Updated noise abatement procedure

Added RNAV SID information
Updated noise abatement procedure

Added KPAO