We are hiring!


Hey team, time for another opportunity to help Oakland out, by assisting with the EC in getting those events done, we are heading into a busy period after taking a small break so time to get to work! At the moment, I would just like all interested people to send an email to events@oakartcc.org with a letter of intent (something simple, don’t stress about this stage). Then we will setup a time to have a chat about the role etc.


Looking forward to having a chat!

… and the results are IN !

11   NCT     Nthn California Tracon         50:37:23   30.1%

We did it guys ! Well done, massive effort by all ! Enjoy lads, a well earned effort by the team.
The awards page will be updated later.

Congrats Team!

Thanks to all that helped during our ironmic! Josh has put down a small rundown of the event for the history books. Everyone that helped should be proud of this effort – we haven’t done something like this in a long time, who knows when we might attempt another.

Stats Spreadsheet


MVPs: Brett Wells “BW”, Rowan Young “RY”, Antony Radley “AY”, Andrew Zane “AZ”, Srinath Nandakumar “NA”, Maxim Salikhov (MS)
Oakland Center: 162:29 (1st place)
NorCal Approach: 50:33 (11th place)
San Francisco Tower : 167:51 (1st place)
KSFO: 851 departures, 630 arrivals, 1481 total operations
KOAK: 58 departures, 60 arrivals, 118 total operations
KSJC: 51 departures, 42 arrivals, 93 total operations
KRNO: 45 departures, 43 arrivals, 88 total operations
KSMF: 36 departures, 35 arrivals, 71 total operations
KMRY: 20 departures, 20 arrivals, 40 total operations
KFAT: 19 departures, 13 arrivals, 32 total operations
Thanks to everyone that helped control!
Rowan Young (RY), Josh Glottmann (OK), Brett Wells (BW), Andrew Zane (AZ), Srinath Nandakumar (NA), Nick Saffari (NS), Elliot Skinner (ES), Maxim Salikhov (MS), Antony Radley (AY), Brandan Dadoun (BD), Mike Fries (MF), Alexander Aghili (AX), Charan Kumar (CK), Dominic Nguyen (DN), Obed Han (OH), Nick Humphreys (NH), Gene Cao (GC), Chris Brettrager (CB), Maxx Marian (MA), Sky Prensky (SP), Jesse Romero (JR), Nicholas William Reed (NWR), Ryan Parry (RP), Derek Troy (DT), Cody Cochran (CC), Matthew Chicoine (MC), Doug Peterson (DP), Jack Howard (JH), Chris Hadden (CH), Adam Hulse (AH), Kyle Balatbat (KB), Tyler Jackins (TJ), Justin Martin (JY), Carter James (CJ), Aaron Cannon (AC), Jackson Gilliam (JG), Jacob Lewis (JL), Chase Zimmerman (CZ)

Calscream Signups Open!

Head over to http://www.calscream.com for more information about the historic annual event featuring ZOA and ZLA. In celebration of the twentieth annual CalScreamin’ event, we’re adding prizes!

We are kicking this year off with a bang, and have reached out to a few dev’s to come on board and help with our event to offer random prizes to those who fly in the event. (Must be booked through the website). All information is provided on the website – but if you have any questions you can answer below or contact support@calscream.com

Controllers – Head over to the forum for controller signups or alternatively head over to calscream.com for all the information surrounding this event.

Announcing, Friday Night Flights FNO 07FEB19


In world where, you are the captain… where frames are your enemy, weather dictates your flightpath and the flight levels are not the quiet oasis you once knew them to be.

Two, ARTCC’s stand together… united in their quest for the ultimate symphony of planes and controllers alike.

In their quest they will discover what it means to re-route an aircraft to its destination, and how ground delays will become their ultimate enemy.

Please join us, for the first time this decade, Oakland ARTCC and Los Angeles ARTCC combine their forces to tackle delays, intercept localizers and launch you off the 1s before an A380 lands on the 28s.

This momentous occasion is not one to miss, so be sure to book your calendars and have your preflight done.


The Nitty Gritty
Date: Friday, 7th FEB 2020
Time: Starting from 5pm PST (0100z) – Ending around 9pm PST (0500z)
Stars (Airfields) : SFO/LAX
Supporting Actors : SMF/BUR



Signups are open for controllers, please head over to https://www.oakartcc.org/community/topic/07feb19-0100z-0500z-friday-night-flights-fno-zoa-zla // Also please remember to use the format as it allows roster creation easier.



Better Late than Never! Tower Thursday

Bored? Want to control today? Well, we have our Tower Thursday event on, and if you are free to control come onto discord find a spot and join the action! Head over to https://www.oakartcc.org/community/topic/21dec19-0200z-0400z-tower-thursday-zoa/ for more details on the event.


NorCal Tuesday Relaunched !

Back into the mix is our series of small events to help our controllers get exposure to traffic, kicking off this 23rd of July is our first area, E CA ! Head over to the event forum and signup!