Congrats Team!

Thanks to all that helped during our ironmic! Josh has put down a small rundown of the event for the history books. Everyone that helped should be proud of this effort – we haven’t done something like this in a long time, who knows when we might attempt another.

Stats Spreadsheet


MVPs: Brett Wells “BW”, Rowan Young “RY”, Antony Radley “AY”, Andrew Zane “AZ”, Srinath Nandakumar “NA”, Maxim Salikhov (MS)
Oakland Center: 162:29 (1st place)
NorCal Approach: 50:33 (11th place)
San Francisco Tower : 167:51 (1st place)
KSFO: 851 departures, 630 arrivals, 1481 total operations
KOAK: 58 departures, 60 arrivals, 118 total operations
KSJC: 51 departures, 42 arrivals, 93 total operations
KRNO: 45 departures, 43 arrivals, 88 total operations
KSMF: 36 departures, 35 arrivals, 71 total operations
KMRY: 20 departures, 20 arrivals, 40 total operations
KFAT: 19 departures, 13 arrivals, 32 total operations
Thanks to everyone that helped control!
Rowan Young (RY), Josh Glottmann (OK), Brett Wells (BW), Andrew Zane (AZ), Srinath Nandakumar (NA), Nick Saffari (NS), Elliot Skinner (ES), Maxim Salikhov (MS), Antony Radley (AY), Brandan Dadoun (BD), Mike Fries (MF), Alexander Aghili (AX), Charan Kumar (CK), Dominic Nguyen (DN), Obed Han (OH), Nick Humphreys (NH), Gene Cao (GC), Chris Brettrager (CB), Maxx Marian (MA), Sky Prensky (SP), Jesse Romero (JR), Nicholas William Reed (NWR), Ryan Parry (RP), Derek Troy (DT), Cody Cochran (CC), Matthew Chicoine (MC), Doug Peterson (DP), Jack Howard (JH), Chris Hadden (CH), Adam Hulse (AH), Kyle Balatbat (KB), Tyler Jackins (TJ), Justin Martin (JY), Carter James (CJ), Aaron Cannon (AC), Jackson Gilliam (JG), Jacob Lewis (JL), Chase Zimmerman (CZ)

By Antony Radley,

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