Facility Update – AIRAC 1809 Files Available


ZOA Files for AIRAC 1809 are now available for download on the downloads page!

This includes the following:

  • Sector File Updated to 1809
  • Updated NCT HI and LO Video Maps (removes old bravo)
  • Added new bravo map, and old bravo map that can be turned on/off individually
  • Updated Class C/D towers to reflect new bravo changes
  • Updated NCT sector maps to for accuracy and included sector altitudes

This update is primarily geared towards our new SFO Bravo airspace. The VFR routes will be added soon, however everything else is there. Additionally, NCT sector maps have been updated for SFOW that are more accurate, and they include the sectors lateral boundaries. In a future updated SFOE will be included and you will be able to toggled the altitudes separate from the sector maps.

DN has updated the vSTARS file with new maps as well. OK has a hotfix for that file. Please contact DN or OK for an updated vSTARS file (it will be on the site as soon as I can get it).

By Ryan Parry,

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