Facility Update – New vERAM, POF, vATIS Files Available


Update: 8/1/2017
Sector File AIRAC 1708

  • Updated with new arrivals from 1706 & 1707
  • Updated nav info

Facility Update AIRAC 1708

  • Updated with 1708 SCT
  • Updated with pof v7.2

POF v7.2

  • Fixed two ZOA frequencies for the upcoming re-sectorization
  • Added missing ZSE frequencies

vERAM v1.1

  • The new vERAM file does not contain aliases. Aliases can be imported from the “Positons & Aliases” tab in the Facility Configuration window.
  • The VSCS has been updated to appear similar to how ZOA’s is real world. All landlines are compatible with vSTARS and VRC. If you would like to increase realism during coordination, give them a try!
  • Taxiway labels are included in the APCHMIL filter
  • There are multiple GeoMaps available to use (viewed by entering “MR” into the MCA). It is recommended that you use ZOAHI, or ZOALOW to control (MIDTIER works if NCT is online).
  • If you do not know how to use vERAM and would like to learn, email/message OK.

vATIS v1.1 – fixed typos in previous version.
vSTARS v1.1.5 – bug fixes to the client (not a facility file update). Contact OK if you still have issues.

By Josh Glottmann,

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