Facility Update – New vSTARS Files Available


New vSTARS files for both NCT and SFO are available!

This includes the following:

  • New NCT sector depictions (view able by clicking “GEO MAPS” and opening the relavent map through the command area)
  • Positions updated to POF v7.0
  • KSFO ASDE-X (ASSC). Open by typing “.ASDEX KSFO”
  • Updated RDVS
  • Creation of SFO ATCT vSTARS file


  • The new vSTARS files do not contain aliases. Aliases can be imported from the “Positons & Aliases” tab in the Facility Configuration window.
  • The SFO ATCT file has a default visibility range of 20nm. This can be adjusted from the “Airspace” tab in the Facility Configuration window
  • S1s/S2s using this file to control Tower/Ground should familiarize themselves with Pages 1 and 6 of the vSTARS Command Reference at a minimum.

Please update vSTARS to version 1.1.3 before importing the new files.

AIRAC 1703 for vSTARS and vERAM has also been posted to the downloads page with an automatic installer.

By Josh Glottmann,

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