ZOA File Downloads


VRC Files
Oakland ARTCC Facility Update (sct2, Alias, pof)AIRAC 1803 – 03MAR2018 Download
Oakland ARTCC Sector FileAIRAC 1803 – 03MAR2018 Download
ZOA Position Operations File (POF)Version 7.2 – 15JUL2017 Download
ZOA Alias FileVersion 3.7 – 03MAR2018Download
SFO ASSC Sector FileVersion 1.0 – 14FEB2015 Download
SFO ASDE-3/AMASS Sector FileVersion 1.0 – 28FEB2016 Download
vERAM Facility Files
Oakland Center vERAM Facility FileVersion 1.3 – 03MAR2018 Download
vERAM AIRAC Update (Java Application)Version 1.1 – 11APR2017 Download
vERAM ExtrasVersion 1.0 – 03FEB2018 Download
vSTARS Facility Files
Northern California TRACON vSTARS Facility FileVersion 3.4 – 05MAR2018 Download
Fresno ATCT/TRACON vSTARS Facility FileVersion 1.2 – 01FEB2018 Download
Tower vSTARS Facility FilesVersion 1.1 – 03MAR2018 Download
vSTARS AIRAC Update (Java Application)Version 1.1 – 11APR2017 Download
vSTARS ExtrasVersion 1.0  – 27APR2017 Download
vATIS Facility Configuration Files
ZOA vATIS ProfilesVersion 1.1 – 16JUL2017 Download
VRC Extras
ZOA Facility ProfilesVersion 2.0 – 11MAR2017Download
VRC Sweatbox Server FileVersion 1.0 Download
VRC Color ProfilesVersion 2.0 Download
VRC Aircraft UpdateVersion 1.0 Download
VRC Arrivals and Departures ListVersion 1.0 Download
Training Support Files
SFO Runway Selection Flow ChartVersion 1.0 Download
SFO Departure Cheat Sheet (PDF)Version 1.3 Download
OAK Departure Cheat Sheet (PDF)Version 1.3 Download
SJC Departure Cheat Sheet (PDF)Version 1.3 Download
SMF Departure Cheat Sheet (PDF)Version 1.2 Download
RNO Departure Cheat Sheet (PDF)Version 1.3 Download
VFR Phraseology Guide (PDF)Version 1.0 Download
ZOA Approach Phraseology GuideVersion 1.0 Download
Oakland Oceanic Tutorial and Cheat SheetVersion 1.0 Download
Oakland Oceanic – An ExplanationVersion 1.0 Download
VRC Setup TutorialVersion 1.0 Download
Quiet/FMS Bridge Visual Vectoring DiagramVersion 1.0 Download
Evaluation Standards
S1 OTS Standard Download PDF
S2 OTS Standard Download PDF
S3 OTS Standard Download PDF
C1 OTS Standard Download PDF
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