ZOA Event Booking Info


  • Virtual Airlines, group flight organizers, and neighboring ARTCCs are encouraged to use the booking form to schedule an event.
  • Please provide as much lead time as possible, at least 1 week considered minimum.
  • We highly encourage flight organizers to select an appropriate routing. Use the Flight Planning link above to find appropriate routes, or request them from the Events Coordinator.
  • Details regarding airports and all needed charts are available from our Airports & Charts link.
  • Please review all applicable Pilot NOTAMs.
  • Enjoy your Flight !


  • By policy, we provide two types of event support: Routine Events and Major Events.
  • A Routine Event is one where no commitment by pilots is being made, and therefore, there will be no commitment by ATC. We will advise our staff of the event time & date. Attendance by pilots and controllers is “voluntary”. Be aware that ZOA is well staffed, and if the event is conducted on relatively “normal” hours, ATC support is highly likely.
  • A Major Event is one in which pilots are expressing a commitment to fly, via an event roster, or VA arrangement. ZOA shall then make every reasonable effort to guarantee ATC coverage.
  • Large scale events involving more than one ARTCC should be arranged through the VATUSA events organization by submitting the event info at www.vatusa.org.

Please use the below form to fill out an event booking request, remember please use this tool as your primary priority, if no response has been made within 24 – 48 hours please send an e-mail to the events coordinator.